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I have been jailbreaking a lot of iPhone 4′s and 5′s for my friends over the past couple weeks or so. People are pretty excited about their iOS version 7′s, and they have figured out how much more they can get out of a jailbroken iPhone!  There’s a lot of information floating around “out there” on the net about jailbreaks, and I have been getting a lot of questions about what’s the best ios 7 jailbreak. I’ve been testing different iPhone 4 and 5 jailbreaks for iOS 7-7.0.6 and even 7.1. I’ve been jailbreaking iOS 7 since the first beta version for developers came out – so I thought I would clue you guys in!

A Jailbreak IS available

iphone5A lot of people lately have claimed that there is not yet a jailbreak available for iPhone 4/s and 5/s/c running ios 7+, but this is a false claim. There is a jailbreak available for all the iOS 7.x’s. It just isn’t been released for free this time because of Apple’s tendency to fix the security issues that made the jailbreak possible in the first place. They tend not to notice so quickly if the jailbreak doesn’t become too popular too fast, so it has been a little difficult to find. That is why I have checked out the good and bad and come up with the best solutions for you.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking gives you a ton of new options on your iPhone. Before you jailbreak your phone, you only have access to the regular iTunes Apps store and all the apps that Apple approved. But after jailbreaking your iPhone, you have Cydia, a whole new app store where most of the best stuff is actually free. These apps are not approved by Apple because they’re very powerful, and can do things with your phone that regular phones are not “allowed to” (for example, you can record phone calls, or put double as many icons on the homepage etc etc). You can download screen savers, pictures, themes and ringtones. You can even make your iPhone look like an Android if you want!

Top ios 7 jailbreaks for iPhone 4/s and iPhone 5/s/c

The jailbreaks I will talk about in a moment are easy to use, and even if you make a mistake you don’t have to worry because have a support team to help you if you get confused, which isn’t likely. You almost have to try to mess this thing up, even if you aren’t tech savvy.

One more thing, and this is important. I really recommend that you do not ever  try to hack your phone by yourself, with some of the software hackers online use. Unless you are a hacker, you don’t know what you’re doing and you are putting your phone at risk of being bricked.

That means you may lose all of your apps, contacts, history, everything… I have done it before and it only took one time for me to learn my lesson, and what an expensive lesson it was! Always use trusted software solutions with proper customer support – like the ones below – and you won’t have to worry about messing up your iPhone.

#1 iJailbreak Pro (editor’s best choice for iOS 7 – 7.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 4′s and iPhone 5′s!)

I recently came across these guys and they have impressed me from day one! Of all of the jailbreaks I have done, this has absolutely been my favorite software to use. Not to mentions these guys are the only ones I have seen who have the kahoonas to advertise the iOS 7 jailbreak on their sales page. They must be pretty confident that it works! The other guys are too scared of their stuff not really working out too well and pressure from Apple. Oh well.

I have used these guys quite a few times to jailbreak iOS 7 on various dwevices. I have never had a jailbreak take longer than 5 minutes to complete. Plus they have a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so you really don’t have to risk anything. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you can always go back to factory settings without any problem.

When you do the jailbreak, you also get unlock included in the price. Now that is something I haven’t seen elsewhere! Most of the time you get one or the other. Unlocking, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, means that you can use any carrier you want, as long as you get a sim card, and you don’t have to deal with contracts.

Customer support definitely deserves mentioning here. I talked to the guy who runs the site, and I could tell he really cares and isn’t in it just for the money. He really wants to help people get the most out of their iPhones. He gave me a lot of good advice and took the time to tell me a lot of little extra things that I didn’t know about, for which I was very grateful.

I give them a 10 out of 10! The jailbreak is very fast, the customer support is fantastic and the price is very reasonable. Check out their site here.

#2 Apple Unlocker

It has been a while since I have done a jailbreak using these guys. They aren’t too bad, but iJailbreak Pro is a lot better so I go with them. Apple Unlocker used to be my favorite, though, so I know the software does work. But it takes a bit longer. I have waited around 20 minutes for a jailbreak to complete a couple of times.

One word of warning if you do use this site, customer support isn’t too great. I have had to contact them a couple of times and because they have no phone number listed I had to contact them through email. It took them almost a full 24 hours to get back to me. That means I missed texts, calls, and couldn’t do anything else with my phone for that entire time. I wasn’t pleased.

They are decently priced, but they don’t offer all the little extras that come with iJailbreak Pro, so I would really only backtrack to these guys if the iJailbreak Pro site were down or otherwise unavailable.

I give them a 7 out of 10. Their software does what it is supposed to do but they really need to be more efficient with jailbreak times and customer support. Check out their site here.

#3 iJailbreak Tool

Alright. The other two options are much, much better than this one. As a matter-of-fact, I actually only recommend iJailbreak Tool as a last resort, because it is better than trying to use the hacker guides I warned you about earlier. Other than that, you will find endless frustration with this site.

Customer support is the worst. They do have a phone number listed, but it is in India, so good luck with that unless you have an awesome calling plan or feel like paying an outrageous phone bill. They have an email option, but it takes a few hours for them to get back to you, and even then it is hard to understand what they are saying because of the lack of native English communication skills.

The instructions they provide are the same way- written by non native English speakers. So they are nearly impossible to get through. Very frustrating!

Then there is the time… It takes nearly 30 minutes to do the jailbreak. Every. Single. Time. Ugh! I am not a patient person. Period. So this is even worse for me than trying to navigate the instructions.

I give these guys a 5 out of 10, just because I know the software works. Other than that, though, avoid the headache if possible. Check them out here.

To sum it up

All in all my favorite iOS 7+ jailbreak solution for iPhone 4′s and 5′s is iJailbreak Pro. Check them out and buy with confidence.

You can use the other 2 and get a jailbreak without compromising your phone. However, you will get slower jailbreak time and customer support isn’t as reliable.

Either way, good luck and enjoy! I hope this article helps  :)


leaves-skin-for-iphone-4-4sPart 4 of our customization series covers skins and hardware. First of all, if you have not yet installed the iOS 7 jailbreak, what are you waiting for? You are missing out on tons of customization options, ways to take control of your iPhone or iPad back from Apple so stop hesitating and do it today.


If you do not want a bulky case for your iPhone think about a skin. These are highly customizable and add little extra to the bulk while providing some form of protection from scratches. You can also change the design as and when you please – perfect for those who jailbreak iOS 7 and want to match their skins to their choice of themes.

You can buy skins from a number of places on the internet and you can also order one that has your own design on it. It can be helpful if you have access to Photoshop but it is not essential, as most places will provide you with a bunch of drawing and designing tools.

Change the outer hardware

Anything from the iPhone 4 upwards is made from anodized aluminum and glass. However, glass is fragile and will easily chip or crack if you drop the iPhone.  There are other options though, from wood to metal, even carbon fiber.

You can buy covers for your iPhone that are made from metal or wood, some of which go over the top, others completely replace the back of the iPhone – be careful if your iPhone is still under warranty with Apple because, if there is any damage, they will not honor the warranty. Some places will actually do the installation for you at a cost but it may means sending your iPhone away for a while.

There are loads of options for changing the material of your iPhone and, if you can think of something you would like, you will more than likely find a supplier on the internet.


While you can make changes to the hardware of your iPhone, it may be more advisable to stick with just buying a case, at least until the iPhone is out of warranty.  If you are looking to change the way your iPhone or iPad looks, one of the best and easiest ways is to jailbreak iOS 7.

Jailbreaking offers you all the tools you need to make any change you want to your iPhone or iPad. It is safer because you are not interfering with the hardware. Apple cannot void your warranty because the jailbreak can easily be removed and it is a lot more fun.

If you change the case in your iPhone, 2 minutes and it is done. The iOS 7 jailbreak offers you hours of customization options for changing the way your device looks and, when you get bored with one look, you simply head to Cydia and get another look.

Do not delay jailbreak iOS 7 today and join the fun.



DreamBoardWelcome back, we are now on part 3 of our series on completely customizing your iOS 7 device. Shortly we will be looking at how to change the outside but for now, we stay with the inside.

Change your Interface

Dreamboard is a relatively new tweak on Cydia that has deep customization options. When you jailbreak iOS 7 you can download Dreamboard for nothing.  You can turn your iOS interface into a Mac lookalike if you want or Android if that is what takes your fancy.

Not all of the themes for Dreamboard are free and you cannot always find them on Cydia either. You may need to download another free app from Cydia called Theme Outline.  However it can be a little on the slow side and will never remember where you were when you shut down.

However, it does have what is possibly the largest collection of themes for Dreamboard and has some very interesting ones as well. Instructions to install the individual themes are sent to you by email once you make the purchase.

Do be aware that Dreamboard can carry out some deep alterations to your user interface so take regular backups so that, should anything go wrong, you can restore from your backups.

The Outside

While this has little to do with the iOS 7 jailbreak you might be thinking about how you can change the outside of your device.  Of course, there are any number of different cases for the iPhone but you might want to design one of your own.

There are a number of paid services on the internet that will take your design and turn it into an iPhone case. There are also those who have custom image generators so you can design a truly unique case.

If you are feeling really creative, take a piece of material – let’s say felt – and print out a cutout of the iPhone case shape. If your printer cannot handle the material you choose, use paper and trace it onto the material.

Cut out the shape of the case, fold it along the dotted lines and glue it together – be careful not to get glue on your iPhone. Now you can use cut out shapes and pictures to decorate your case with and, if you are feeling particular artistic, jailbreak iOS 7, change your themes to one that suits and match your case to the theme. Blue Peter, eat your heart out!!

In the last part of our series, we will be taking a look at skins and how to swap out the hardware in your iPhone.   In the meantime, go ahead and jailbreak iOS 7, customize it to your heart’s content and then make your own case.


Intelliborn-TweaksWelcome back to our series on using the iOS 7 jailbreak to completely customize your iOS device.  Next, we are going to take a look at wallpapers:

Get Creative

While you can use one of your own photos as a wallpaper, you don’t have to. The iOS 7 jailbreak opens up many doors and one of those doors leads to creating your own wallpapers. Of course, you can always customize what you already have but if you are going to jailbreak iOS 7 you may as well take full advantage of what it offers.

For the non-jailbreaker, you can customize what you have by taking a screenshot of your existing iOS 7 home screen – press the lock and home buttons simultaneously – and then email the image to yourself.  That is now a template for you to use an editing program of your choice to create the perfect 950 x 540 pixel wallpaper.

There is a disadvantage to this type of custom wallpaper – you are unable to insert spaces between the app icons and you can’t move them about anywhere either. That is why people install the iOS 7 jailbreak.

There are a number of tweaks in Cydia that you can use to help you out here. One of the best is called Gridlock and it will cost you $2. What it does is map your home screens out in grids so that you can rearrange your icons exactly how you want them.

Get Busy on the Lock Screen

Historically, the lock screen has always been left out of Apple’s changes to the iOS. Until iOS 7, it was a pretty boring place. While Apple has gone some way to addressing this and making the lock screen more creative, there is still so much untapped potential there.

First off, let’s have a look at the wallpaper on your lock screen. Before you can change this you do have to jailbreak iOS 7 – there is no way to do this on a device that has not been jailbroken.

WinterBoard is the best place to start – we already mentioned this, it is a free app so download it from Cydia. There are a couple of preloaded themes, including wallpapers, included or you can download from a few hundred other jailbreak themes on Cydia.

As it stands, the default iOS lock screen is pretty useless but, if you want more than just a theme on it, there are a number of different apps in Cydia that you can pick from.  One of the best is IntelliscreenX. It does cost $10 but it adds so much more to your iOS lock screen.

For a start it gives you access to your system setting toggles so you can quickly enable or disable them. You can have your RSS or social network feeds on show, Mail, Messages, even the weather.  There is a free trial so give it a go and see how you get on with it.

That ends part 2 of our series on customizing your iOS device using the iOS 7 jailbreak. Although we are showing you ways to do it without jailbreaking, anyone would have to agree that it is far easier and there is a lot more choice when you jailbreak iOS 7.



iOS-7-Icon-TemplateWhile the iPhone and the iPad are already two very beautiful devices, there are so many of them that, in all honesty, there is nothing unique about them. That is where the iOS 7 jailbreak comes into play.

As you know, jailbreaking allows you the opportunity to customize and modify your device. You can just add a few minor changes or you can go all out and employ a whole raft of tricks to completely change the way your iPhone or iPad looks.

This week, over a series of posts, we are going to tell you exactly how to use the iOS 7 jailbreak to make your device unique. Not only are we going to look at changing how they look, we will also look at how to make them work the way you want them to.

We have split this into two main sections – the inside of the device, which looks at theming mainly, and the outside, which, believe it or not, will help you, change the way your iPhone is made!  Before you start reading, jailbreak iOS 7 so that you can take advantage of the tips we offer you here:


Every time Apple upgrades the firmware, the jailbreak evolves to match it and the iOS 7 jailbreak is no exception. Not many people realize just how customizable the inside of the iOS device has become and that is thanks entirely to the work the jailbreak developers put in.

We are going to give you some tips on how to change your wallpaper, make custom ones, change your icons and give the entire interface a makeover. First, you need to download a free app called iExplorer. This is the best way to gain access to the file system on your iOS device and it works on both Windows and Mac.


This is nothing to do with the iOS 7 jailbreak. Instead, to start with we are going to show you how to turn your desktop icons into ones that look like iOS ones. You can also do this on your iPhone or iPad using Safari to find the icons.  You must have installed the iOS 7 jailbreak first.

All you need to do is find and download icons that already exist on the internet, or you can make your own. There are loads of places to look and you will find the ones that suit you. Once you have them you have to replace your existing desktop icons.

Open iExplorer and look of the path that leads to the app you want to change the icon for:

Follow this path – Device Name (you know what you called your device!)>Apps>App Name (The name of the app you want to change)>App Name.app.

To demonstrate this, let’s say you have named your iPhone or Desktop PC and you have called it Simon. You want to change the app icon for Greplin. The path you would take is:


Now you are in the app you need to look for a file called [email protected] or something like it.  Write down the name of the file and then rename your new icon png with the same name. Now backup and then delete the original icon and pop the new one in its place.

This has to be done with all the icons you want to change but it will be worth it!

The other way to change your icons, a much simpler way when you jailbreak iOS 7, is to download WinterBoard. This is free app in Cydia and is the backbone of most of the theme apps for jailbroken devices.

WinterBoard comes with its own themes but if you are not happy with them, you can always search Cydia for some new ones.  Go into WinterBoard and bring up each package you download. Go down the list of elements in the package until you find the bit that changes the icons and tap to enable it. Back to the home screen and your icons should be changed.  You may need to restart your iPhone or iPad first.

The iOS 7 jailbreak is a wonderful thing and, in the following posts, you will see exactly how you can use it to take control of your iOS device.


5 Ways to Secure your iOS 7 Device

by admin on April 27, 2014

iphone-5s-bio-lock-down-touch-id-app-2One of the biggest problems with the iPhone is its propensity for being stolen. Being such a high-end and sought after device, if you take your eye off yours for just one minute you might just find it gone.

There are ways to help secure your iPhone though, especially if you jailbreak iOS 7. There are a number of smart tweaks available on Cydia that work to make your iPhone as secure as possible.


You might be thinking here, hold on, Activator is not a security tweak and you would be right. However, there is a way to use one iPhone to command another one through the use of Activator gestures.

For example, you can set a gesture on one iPhone that will switch on the ringer on your stolen iPhone, through a simple text message that says RINGERON. It may be of huge help if you misplace your iPhone – you might even locate it in someone else’s pocket!


If you have an iPhone 5S, then you have Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor. While this is great for unlocking your iPhone there are other ways to make things more secure.

With the iOS 7 jailbreak comes an app called BioLockdown. This app allows you to use the sensor to protect specific apps from being opened by setting fingerprint access. You can protect up to 5 apps at once so choose carefully – perhaps think about protecting your settings so that Wi-Fi and GPS can’t be turned off.

You could even set it so that the iPhone itself cannot be switched off without the correct fingerprint scan.


This is a more beefed up version of Find My iPhone. When you jailbreak iOS 7 you get access to all sorts of goodies that can help you protect your iPhone. iCaughtU takes security to the next level.

If your iPhone is stolen and someone tries to get in to it, if they enter the wrong passcode the front camera springs into action. It takes a snapshot of the perpetrator and emails it to you along with GPS co-ordinates and a map.

It also stops the iPhone from being switched off without the correct procedure being taken. This is the free version- there is a pro version, which has to be paid for, but it does include a number of other features.


How often is your iPhone likely to get stolen when you are in your own home? Probably highly unlikely so, this iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is very handy. It detects when you are on your own home Wi-Fi network and disables your passcode.

As soon as you set foot outside your home, which is when your iPhone is more likely to disappear, it automatically re-enables the passcode. You can add any location you like to a list of approved locations and, as soon as you enter one of these, the passcode switches off.

AndroidLock XT

There are those who have an iPhone who quite like some of the Android features. However, unless you jailbreak iOS 7 you can’t get your hands on any of them.

One of the more popular iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks is called AndroidLock XT.  It isn’t actually a security feature as such but it does make it more difficult for thieves to guess your passcode.

This is because, instead of a number, you draw a pattern to unlock. Set up as complicated a pattern as you like – as long as you can remember it – and don’t let anyone know what it is. You can choose to have the unlock disabled in a similar manner to CleverPin and it works perfectly in conjunction with iCaughtU as well.

There you have it, just 5 ways to keep things secure when you jailbreak iOS 7. You can never be too careful with an expensive item like the iPhone and the more protection you can put on it the better. The iOS 7 jailbreak provides you with all the tools you need.


162447One of the most used apps on iOS 7 is the Music app, and that counts for all iOS devices.  If you think that the Music app could be made better, you are right, it can. However, there is only one way to do that.

Jailbreak iOS 7. That right; that is the only way to add some spice to the Music app and liven it up a little.  If you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod then you are ready to go. If not, go do it, then come back and take a look at these 8 music tweaks for the iOS 7 jailbreak.

1.       ColorFlow – $1.99 – BigBoss

ColorFlow is a highly colored iOS 7 jailbreak tweak that lets you match the colors of the user interface to the album you are playing.  It may sound simple but things can get a little crazy sometimes. However, it all syncs together perfectly and you will love the effect.

2.       Pluck 2 – $0.99 – BigBoss Repo

Pluck was an iOS 6 tweak but now has support for the iOS 7 jailbreak.  It is a great tweak for queuing songs to play. While some prefer the Shuffle features, others prefer to know what is coming up next and this jailbreak app will speed that up for you.

It has options to configure ranging from where the icon shows up to how many songs you queue up.

3.       Colorize – $0.99 – BigBoss Repo

When you jailbreak iOS 7, one of the reasons is to change the color of something. This one is not a great deal different from ColorFlow because it gives you pretty much the same options. However, this one is slightly cheaper.

4.       MusicAppMod – $0.99 – BigBoss

This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is more to do with data then anything else. It supplies you with information about a particular song, such as how often you have played the track, how long the track is, when it was released, etc.

You can also use this tweak to remove the artwork from the song list in your Music app.

5.       Spectral – Free – BigBoss Repo

This is a lock screen based iOS 7 jailbreak tweak. Whenever you are playing music the lock screen wallpaper will display the album art of that particular track, albeit a very blurred picture.

6.       NolSAlbumArt – Free-BigBoss Repo

This Cydia tweak removes the album art from your lock screen and it puts your music controls in a better place so they look more ordered.  It is basically a minimalist tweak, ideal for those who jailbreak iOS 7 to get rid of clutter.

7.       Aria – $1.99 – BigBoss Repo

Aria is one of the more simple yet elegant iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and it is packed full of features.  It can change the Music app interface, change the way your entries look, hide or show the shuffle button and change how the scrubber looks, just to be getting started with.

If you like to really shake things up, this is the jailbreak tweak for you.

8.       CustomCover – $0.99 – ModMyi Repo

Fed up with the album art? Want to change it around a little? No problem. Just jailbreak iOS 7 and install CustomCover. Now you can make some simple changes to the way the album artwork looks as well as being able to disable or enable the media controls, add background blur and add the art as a wallpaper.

For music lovers everywhere, you should be able to find something amongst this little bunch when you jailbreak iOS 7.


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