Jailbreak iPhone 5 or iOS 7: Which is better?

by admin on December 17, 2013

iPhone 5 jailbreakJailbreaking has been a part of iOS since the first iPhone was released in June 2007.  Within just 11 days of release, the first jailbreak tool appeared and the developers and hackers have never looked back.

Through the years, iOS has evolved although, for a while it did remain fairly static.  However, in June 2013, at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco, iOS 7 was unveiled for the first time.  Many people were shocked and surprised, not at the fact that iOS 7 was a complete overhaul but at what Apple had included in the new firmware.

You see, despite the fact that Apple are dead against jailbreaking, they had managed to “steal” several ideas from popular jailbreak apps.  This led many to pronounce that there was no longer a need for jailbreaking and that the hackers may as well give up.

The real truth is actually far from that.  You see, despite the fact that Apple as used jailbreak apps in their new firmware, they still don’t have it quite right.  So, let’s have a look at iOS 7 and determine, once and for all, if jailbreaking your iPhone 5 is still the best option, over and above upgrading to the new firmware.

For a start, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time that Apple has made use of jailbreak app ideas; it just happens to be the first time they’ve done it on such large scale.  Briefly, let’s look at the new features on iOS 7 and which jailbreak apps they have tried to replace:

Control Center                                                SBSettings

Multi-tasking/App switcher               Auxo and MultiFlow

Parallax effect on wallpaper                Deepend or 3DBoard

The new Live clock                             Clockify or LiveClock

The new functional lock screen          UnlockFX

Automatic app updates                      Auto App Updater

Call blocking                                       iBlacklist

These are the main jailbreak apps that have been used by Apple. On the face of it, you could say that that’s it, game over. After all, aren’t these the most popular jailbreak apps for the ‘iPhone 5?  Well, yes, they are but this doesn’t mean jailbreaking is done with.

You see, these features that Apple has included in iOS 7 are only half of what the jailbreak apps are. These are just jailbreak apps in a very poor disguise.  Compare these features on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 with an iPhone 5 that has been jailbroken.

You will spot the differences straight away. For a start, the iOS 7 features only have about half the functionality of the jailbreak apps. That means that Apple is still holding you hostage to their limitations.

This also means that, while Apple thinks they are giving users what they want, they are still setting restrictions on how you use your iPhone 5. This isn’t what users want.  iPhone 5 owners want to be able to do what they want with their device. They want full functionality and the ability to be able to customize.

What they don’t want is half-hearted attempt to steer them away from jailbreaking.  While is iOS 7 is a very nice operating system it cannot compare to a jailbroken iPhone 5. And, don’t forget that jailbreaking gives you access to Cydia. Apple restricts you to using their app store, jailbreaking doesn’t.



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